At work we listen to 101.5 KGB in our little attic.  Yes, I am exiled to the attic so I guess the red hair is very fitting.   They have been announcing the Work Ambush where a DJ shows up out of nowhere and hands you prizes.  

What the hell? right? What can you lose so I registered 3 days ago for a Work Ambush.   Today the Assistant Manager calls me and says “can you come down and look at a report with me”.  I grumble “like I have time for this right now under my breath as I run downstairs”.    Coe(the DJ) give me a hug and says “YOU won the work Ambush today”. 

Let me tell you, I was surprised! Guess that is why they call it an ambush.  Duh, right.   So I got myself a little swag to go with the ambush. 

6 tickets to Cinderella at 4 & B (80’s hair band).  I think it will be amusing to see if not even good memories from the old days(smirk)

4 tickets to Pat Travers(BOOM BOOM OUT GOES THE LIGHTS) at 4 & B(two were given to Michael because him mom LOVES shows like this well she likes Hair bands too.)

12 tickets to the San Diego County Fair(Del Mar fair)

5 DVD’s

10 Free Subs from Gaglione Bro (YUMMY PHILLY SUBS! just like being in Philly)

cups, beer cozies and something else I can’t recall right now.

So I am a winner! and I have shared with my Attic co-workers already.

Below is Me, Bronson(the Assistant Manager) and Coe(DJ).  I think Coe was flirting a bit with Bronson and they do look a bit cozy there on Bronson’s bike.. don’t they?